Seasoned Greetings

Photo courtesy of Ryan Allan.

While many skateboarders have enjoyed the skateboard graphics of VC Johnson over the last 40 years, his other work has largely been tucked away in private reserve, unseen, even by most of his friends and family. This collection of his works in black and white is now offered in gratitude to those who have supported, inspired and, of course, have bought his work, which has afforded him a comfortable life in his hometown of Santa  Barbara, California, where he continues to live and work. Still alive and grateful, he thanks you all.

“ I have not paid much attention to the praise or criticism by the public, about my work over the years, but  I am very grateful to the nation which has granted me such freedom of expression and I feel indebted  to those who have seen to the matter of securing the right for its citizens, have encouraged it and exampled  it in so many beautiful ways. Art is a game worth playing and its effects should be shared. An artists works are not always published, but when they are, they give inspiration to so many who might not otherwise see the originals. I am one  such person. I am glad to have enjoyed the works of the masters in their published forms and I feel that I  must share some of my work in pen, brush, woodcut and scratchboard at this time. I am not   expecting to publish a book of my work any time soon, so I apologize and offer it in this form.” 

Artworks in black and white have a powerful charm and always will, in spite of the hypnotic effects of more modern media and the sexy sophistication of the digital age. To those artists out there,  who question the  archaic value of black and white, I say “ Damn the torpedoes of doubt and hold your course.”

Special thanks and gratitude for the long term support of George Powell and his skateboard company for publishing and marketing my skateboard art over the last 40 years. It has allowed me to develop other forms of black and white art, payed for needed therapy and other important developments in this “tortured artists” life.